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A Unique Solution

Jigsaw Academy’s virtual lab is a unique cloud-based solution that lets students get hands-on experience on the latest analytics tools.

Access online, 24x7x365

Jigsaw Academy’s virtual lab is a unique cloud-based solution that provides lab access to participants. Participants gain hands-on experience on a variety of tools by working with large real-life business data sets in the virtual environment. Our virtual lab allows complete flexibility in scheduling by providing 24*7 access to participants.


The Virtual Lab facility is open for all the Jigsaw students. If you are a Jigsaw student you can buy additional lab time. Following is the price information:
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Buy Lab Time indian students2 Weeks: $75 / Rs. 3000 ENROL NOW!indian students 4 Weeks: $125 / Rs. 5000ENROL NOW!

Unique features of this virtual lab

Jayashree Iyangar

Any PC Access

You can access the virtual lab from any computer. Just make sure your internet is up and speed is good.
Nataliia Pustovit

Any Time Access

Yes, the virtual lab is open 24*7. You can access without prior notice. There is no need to schedule.
Ashish Merchant

Easy to Setup

Just setup a remote desktop connection on your machine to be able to access the virtual lab.
A big advantage is that the Virtual Lab also gives you the ability to access the data & tools from different computers at different times.

Mikhil Pandit

Virtual lab is fantastic!
The virtual lab is the single biggest differentiator between Jigsaw and all the other courses I found online. Getting a chance to work on data with language of SAS was really helpful.
Mikhil Pandit

Tarun Bathija

Virtual lab is useful
Being able to work on language of SAS at any time of the day, any day of the week – fabulous!
Tarun Bathija

Uma Parameshwar

A plus experience
My experience in the virtual lab was A plus. I must have spent hundreds of hours working on language of SAS. I strongly recommend Jigsaw.
Uma Parameshwar

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