Foundation Course
in Analytics

This course has been designed by industry experts who have applied analytical techniques to solve business problems in a variety of fields like retail, FMCG, financial services & telecom. It covers the language of SAS, SQL and Excel.

Become a certified business analyst

The foundation Course in Analytics using the language of SAS, SQL & Excel can turn you from a novice to a certified business analyst.
certified business analyst
This course is a must for professionals looking to get a business analyst job & students looking to pursue business analytics as a career.

Anyone can enrol for this course. No prior knowledge of Statistics, the language of SAS or analytic techniques is required.
By the end of this course you’ll acquire a knowledge of statistical concepts, predictive analytics skills and analytic tools (Excel and the language of SAS).

You will also be able to use statistical techniques to analyze data to make business decisions.

What knowledge will you gain?

Topics covered in the 5 modules of this foundation course in analytics are as follows:
Introduction to Analytics
Introduction to Analytics
  • What is Analytics?
  • Popular Tools
  • Role of Data Scientist
  • Analytics Methodology
  • Problem Definition
Introduction to Analytics
Statistical Concepts and their Application in Business
  •      Descriptive Statistics     
  •      Probability Theory     
  •      Tests of Significance     
  •      Non-parametric Testing     
Introduction to Analytics
Basic Analytic Techniques - Using Language of SAS
  •      Introduction     
  •      Data Exploration     
  •      Data Preparation     
  •      Data Visualization     
  •      Analytics     
Introduction to Analytics
Predictive Modeling Techniques
  •   Linear Regression  
  •   Logistic Regression   
  •    Cluster Analysis  
  •    Decision Trees   
  •    Time Series Analysis   
Introduction to Analytics
Putting the Jigsaw Together
  • Model Validation
  • Creating Insight from Statistics
  • Online Resources
  • Connecting with the Analytics Community

Choose a training method. Learn at your ease.


Video based training

Our video based courses allows for self-paced learning where you can control how fast you want to go. The video course includes faculty support via email and phone so you can get that extra help when required. Participants will get access to about 40 hours of pre-recorded video lectures & 20 hours of pre-recorded classroom training. The videos can be viewed at any time and as many times as you wants. Participants will have access to the video lectures for a period of
6 months.

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Instructor led training

Our instructor-led courses include live, weekend sessions , in a virtual classrooms, with faculty who are experienced professionals. The live classes are fully interactive. Participants can ask questions and get their doubts cleared in real time. 

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Participants of video based training and instructor led training also get access to:

Learning Center

Participants have full access to the Learning Center for a period of 6 months. Here one can access reference materials and handouts on the language of SAS, including training guides and white papers.

Virtual Lab

Participants automatically get access to Jigsaw Academy's virtual lab for 20 weeks. The virtual lab is a unique cloud-based solution where one can work on real life business datasets.
Course Fee: indian studentsRs. 26,000 (Indian students) ENROL NOW! Foreign students$650 (Outside India)

Meet the instructors

Sarita Digumarti, Neha Shitut and Savinder Pal will be your instructors. Learn more about them.

Course Fee: indian studentsRs. 42,000 (Indian students)ENROL NOW! Foreign students$900 (Outside India)

Hitesh Pant

Well designed curriculum.
The overall curriculum of Jigsaw Academy is well designed & structured. One of the unique features of the course is the accessibility of on-line course materials/classes & easy approachability of faculty.
Nitesh ranjan
MBA at IIT, Madras

Akanksha Soni

Good experience.
I have attended this course and my overall experience is good. A special mention about the pre-class videos which are so good (wow) in terms of content.
Mangesh Chincholkar
Project Manager at Dell

Ashish Merchant

The case studies covered in the course are fantastic. The exposure I got to real life business problems was very helpful during the interviews.
Shankar Bhat
IBM, Bangalore, India

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Feel free to contact our team of analytics experts.
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