Jigsaw advantage

Looking for people who

can turn data into insights?

Data scientists, business analysts or predictive modelers

Get the Jigsaw advantage:

  • Students trained on latest tools and techniques including SAS, R and Hadoop
  • Exposure to business case studies involving big data
  • Talent pool spread across the globe including India, US, Singapore and Europe

Girish Warkad

Bangalore | 2.4 years

Highly motivated individual with  excellent  organizational skills and strong commitment in reaching goals having experience (2+ yrs)  in data analysis,share point,excel,Microsoft project management and data mining.Passionate to leverage quantitative, analytical skills in analytics domain.

Akshay Chandrasekar

Mumbai | No work experience

Highly enthusiastic BE degree holder in Electronics, with SAS Proficient and Specializing in Online Marketing Solutions.