Advanced Course
in Financial Analytics

Are you looking to understand how Analytics is applied in the Financial Services industry? Enrol now in our Financial Analytics course taught by industry experts.

Learn Financial Services Analytics

This advanced course by Jigsaw Academy helps you understand how analytics is applied to the financial sector.
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Enrol in the advanced certification course in Financial Analytics designed and taught by industry experts with extensive experience in the application of analytics in the financial services domain.
The course provides an understanding of how analytics is used to solve business problems like campaign management, credit scoring, and fraud detection using the language of SAS.

What knowledge will you gain?

Topics covered in the 5 modules of this financial analytics course are as follows:
Introduction to Analytics
Introduction to Banking and Financial Services
  • Introduction to Money
  • Banks Credit Cards
  • Insurance and Loans
  • Credit Bureau
  • Basel Framework
Introduction to Analytics
Data Structure in Financial Services
  •     Types of Data    
  •     Customer Data    
  •     Transaction Data    
  •     Insurance Data    
  •     External Data    
Introduction to Analytics
Marketing Analytics in Financial Services
  •      Campaign Management     
  •     CRM Analytics      
  •      Customer Retention     
  •     Cross-sell and Up-sell      
Introduction to Analytics
Credit Risk Analytics in Financial Services
  •              Credit Scoring and Decisioning           
  •           Integration of Bureau Data         
  •           Collections Strategy         
Introduction to Analytics
Fraud Risk Analytics in Financial Services
  •     Introduction to Fraud    
  •    Types of Fraud    
  •     Predictive Analytics for Fraud control    
  •     Fraud Scoring    
Beginner’s Course

Analytics and Data Science are “The best new job in America"

Beginner’s Course

Analytics is "The sexiest job in the 21st century"

What do you get when you enrol for this course?

Jigsaw Academy offers five modules to help you understand Financial Services and analytics in Finance.
Q&A sessions with faculty included.

Video based training

Participants will get access to about 20 hours of pre-recorded video lectures & 15 hours of pre-recorded classroom training. The videos can be viewed at any time and as many times as the participant wants. Participants will have access to the video lectures for a period of 6 months.

Other facilities you have access to

Beginner’s Course

Learning Center

Participants have access to a variety of supplemental resources - Reference materials, guides, white papers etc via the Learning Centre. You will have full access to all materials for 6 months.
Beginner’s Course

Offline Faculty Support

Participants also get access to faculty via email, phone or Skype for help with the course as required, in additional to the scheduled Q&A sessions. You will have access to faculty for 6 months.
Beginner’s Course

Virtual Lab

Participants automatically get access to Jigsaw Academy's virtual lab - a unique cloud-based solution to providing the lab experience. You will be able to work on real life retail business datasets. You will have access to the lab for 3 months.
Beginner’s Course

Q&A Sessions

As a part of the course, participants also have live Q&A sessions on a fixed schedule with the faculty for the course.

These question and answer sessions can be used for help with assignments, concepts covered, and any other content related questions.

All these sessions are also recorded, and participants get access to recordings to review material or to make up for any missed Q&A sessions.

This Financial Analytics course comes with 2 hours of Q&A every month, with live sessions of 2 hours each with course faculty.

You will have the access to the session recordings for a period of 6 months.

You will get 20 hours of video lectures & 60 hours of lab time.

Beginner’s Course
Value for time and money

This course provides value for time and money. The faculty is highly experienced and the case studies were very useful.

– Anupam Vats (Onmobile, Brazil)
Beginner’s Course
Highly recommended

I highly recommend the financial analytics course. The case studies on credit scoring and fraud were very informative.

– Umang Chugh (Asian School of Management)

Get your questions answered (FAQs)

Who should take this course?

You should do this course if you have knowledge of predictive modeling techniques like regression and clustering, and knowledge of at least one analytical tool, preferably language of SAS.

This course is useful if you like understand how the financial sector works, and specifically how analytics techniques are used in the financial services sector.

What are core benefits?

After completing this course you would acquire knowledge of the financial services domain with a focus on – Banking, Credit Cards, Loan & Insurance.

Get hands-on experience in building regression models and using other statistical techniques on real business data sets to solve real business problems.

How long will l have access?
You will have access to all class videos and recordings for a period of 6 months. You can view them as many times as you like in that time.
What is the refund policy?

We like to keep our students happy, so we have a
15-day no questions asked refund policy.

Our students are placed in:

Course Fee: indian studentsRs. 20,000 (Indian students) ENROL NOW! Foreign students$450 (Outside India)

Have a question to ask or need more information?

Feel free to contact our team of analytics experts.
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